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Representative examples of Brock Benjamin’s civil experience are two cases that worked their way through the system to be finally tried after COVID resulting in clear wins for his clients:

Indel Food Products Inc. v. Dodson International Parts Inc.

Indel foods owed a PA-46 Mirage that had been damaged. Dodson wrongfully asserted ownership of it. Indel after a trial on the merits was awarded the airplane, attorney fees and an additional $32,000 beyond what was awarded to Dodson. As the Court said regarding Indel’s position- And when it comes to the “most critical factor”—the results obtained—Indel succeeded, winning a declaratory judgment and more in damages than Dodson.

AV8RC Aircraft Service, LLC v. Brad Welch

AV8RC LLC is a client who was owed for work done on a Beech 18. The defendant verbally ordered significant work and then refused to pay. Post trial the defendant was ordered to pay not only damages but also $29,000 in attorney fees. Defense counterclaim was disregarded totally by the Jury.

Every case is different and results depend on their specific circumstances. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.
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Serving Clients Throughout El Paso County

The aviation law practice at the Benjamin Law Firm is dedicated to serving pilots and private aircraft owners in the state of Texas and the Albuquerque Flight Standards Disrict Office (FSDO). We advise our clients on their rights and responsibilities under applicable aviation regulations, the Pilot Bill of Rights (POB) and handle an array of matters ranging from pilot licensing to tort and insurance litigation, to aircraft and equipment leasing and financing. Above all, our objective insights will help to protect you from potential liabilities and preserve your flying privileges.

Not only is Brock Benjamin an exceptional attorney, he is also a licensed pilot. Currently, he flies the A-36TN Beechcraft Bonanza for his practice to travel for all types of matters. Additionally, Brock volunteers for Angel Flight South Central, piloting patients across Texas. Angel Flight is a charitable organization to which pilots donate time to transport patients in need of treatment that would otherwise be prohibitive in terms of cost and travel time between appointments. Backed by a powerful combination of Brock’s legal knowledge and flight experience, Benjamin Law Firm is the informed choice in Aviation Law.

Enforcement Actions

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for implementing procedures and guidelines for pilot licensing, enforcing Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and penalizing individuals who violate those rules. We are comfortable representing clients in enforcement proceedings before the FAA and other federal agencies with oversight authority over aviation and aerospace such as:

  • The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA)
  • The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
  • The Department of Transportation (DOT)

We work with our clients regarding enforcement actions arising from issues related to pilot certifications, aircraft ratings, flight rules, equipment, instruction and certification requirements, alcohol and drug use, maintenance and inspections and other alleged violations. Whether it’s a FAR violation, defense of airmen certificate action, FAA medical certification, or DUI conviction, we have the knowledge and skills to keep you flying.

We also represent pilots and airmen in administrative actions before the FAA and NTSB arising out of Letters of Investigation, Notices of Proposed Civil Penalty and Notices of Certificate Actions. Finally, we represent pilots and aircraft owners in investigations and related civil litigation arising from aircraft and helicopter accidents and incidents in state and federal court.

Other Aviation Matters

At the Benjamin Law Firm, we also handle the following aviation matters:

  • Advising airplane owners on aircraft, engine and equipment purchases, leases and financing and negotiating and preparing related transaction documentation. This can include items like aircraft corportation and trust issues.
  • Representing clients before airport authorities regarding leases of property on airport premises, gates, user fees and other operational issues.
  • Preparing and reviewing charter contracts, freight-forwarded contracts, maintenance and spare-parts contracts, and passenger and cargo handler contracts
  • Obtaining charter authority and operational authorizations, preparing and reviewing aircraft registrations and lien recordings
  • Providing guidance on aviation safety issues, airspace rights of way, noise safety regulations and related issues affecting aviation

El Paso Aviation Law & Aviation Injury Attorney

Because the aviation industry is heavily regulated, it is crucial to have the first-rate legal services the Benjamin Law Firm can provide. Brock Benjamin is a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), a Panel Attorney for the AOPA Pilot Protection services, and a member of the Lawyer Pilot Bar. He is well-versed in the Federal Aviation Regulations and the rules promulgated by the FAA, TSA, NTSB, and DOT and has a proven track record of providing our clients with innovative solutions and personal attention. When you need help navigating the myriad rules and regulations governing our airspace, call the Benjamin Law Firm today or complete the online contact form to set up a consultation.