Defending White Collar Crimes in Texas

Two business men discussing their charges of white collar crimes.

Q: What is fraud?

Texas criminal defense attorneys often handle a wide range of services including defending clients against serious offenses like drug crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, and even white collar crimes.

What are white collar crimes?

In a nutshell, white collar crimes are non-violent and are financially motivated. Such offenses include elements of deceit, concealment, and/or a violation of trust. Collectively, white-collar crimes are referred to as fraud. 

Despite their non-violent nature, white-collar crimes are vigorously prosecuted in Texas and may result in stiff penalties upon conviction. Fraud cases may be prosecuted on the state and/or federal level and may be misdemeanors or felonies. 

Common types of fraud cases in Texas

El Paso fraud defense lawyers handle many different kinds of white-collar defenses. Among the more popular charges are credit card fraud and insurance fraud. 

Popular examples of insurance fraud in Texas include but are not limited to:

  • auto insurance fraud
  • staged car accident fraud
  • homeowner’s insurance fraud
  • life insurance fraud, and
  • Worker’s Compensation fraud. 

In order to prove an insurance fraud case, prosecutors must establish that the accused knowingly made a false or misleading statement in an insurance claim; that the false statement was made regarding a claim or a payment; and that the false statement was material to the case. Hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney with a track record of success may increase the likelihood of achieving the best possible outcome under the particular circumstances.

Recently, a California woman was sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to pay $22,500 in restitution for insurance fraud. Investigators unraveled a scam where the woman reportedly used a “phony trip and fall” to cash in on a $10,000 wedding event cancellation insurance policy—submitting “bogus medical reports” in support of the claim, then filing a “doctored” police report claiming the $10,000 insurance check was stolen. 

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