Case Results

State v. Clevy Nelson

Ms. Nelson was charged with murder and manslaughter. She was acquitted by 12 jurors. The State was unable to prove its allegations and Ms. Nelson courageously held the State to its burden as opposed to trying to negotiate a resolution – NOT GUILTY.

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Big Win Federally
US v. Melton

Stopped after being tracked across the State of New Mexico. The police were trying to locate someone traveling with Mr. Melton. They asked Verizon to track Mr. Melton’s phone without a warrant. The police searched Mr. Melton’s car, finding a weapon. He was charged with felon in possession of a firearm. The Court in a 24 page opinion told the United States that it needed a warrant to “track” a cell phone. The matter was dismissed and client released.

The Court Departed Downward
US v. Lopez

Mr. Lopez was charged with laundering 1.2 million dollars. The Court departed downward from the guidelines of approximately 48 months to sentence Mr. Lopez to 3 years of probation.

US v. De Los Santos

Mr. Santos, an appointed client was charged with having assaulted a Border Patrol Agent during his arrest. He disputed that charge and requested a jury trial. The jury acquitted Mr. De Los Santos of the assault.

Capital Murder Charge
State v. Facundo Chavez

Client was found guilty and sentenced to death based on an on camera shooting of a Sheriff’s deputy. This was a horrific case for both sides and the case was tried because the State was seeking the death penalty.

Murder Charge
State v. Bernard Christman

Pre trial suppression held and court suppressed some but not all evidence seized by the State of Texas. Client was convicted, but is appealing the pre-trial and trial evidentiary rulings of the trial court.

United States v. Park

Federal trial in the Western District of Texas- El Paso Division- Defendant acquitted of Possession with Intent to Distribute after a Jury trial.

United States v. XXX

United States Court Martial, client was initially charged in the Texas District Court, case was transferred to military jurisdiction and after a full Court Martial, client was acquitted. (intentionally vague to protect identity)

United States v. Ballou

Federal trial in the District of New Mexico- client was charged with assault on a federal installation. Case was tried to a jury and client was acquitted.

New Mexico v. Jose Moncada

State trial in Alamogordo District Court-defendant was charged with criminal sexual penetration. Case was tried to a jury and defendant was acquitted.

United States v. Nicolas Gutierrez

Defendant was charged with Possession With Intent to Distribute in the Western District of Texas with over 5 kilograms of cocaine. This contained a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years. Defendant pled guilty to a false statement and received a sentence of time served.

United States v. Gorxxx

Client was charged with Aggravated Sexual Abuse. Case was investigated in two different jurisdictions for fact witnesses and impeachment evidence against the complaining witness. It was set for trial, based on the Government’s “we believe our witness”. Based on a thorough investigation and negotiation, all charges were dismissed 5 days prior to trial. Cause No. 3/23-cr-00964-DB-1.

Acquitted of federal felony
United States v. DE LOS SANTOS

Client was arrested and charged with illegally entering the United States and assaulting a federal agent with a weapon. Based on investigation and discussion with the client, the case was set for trial. Client was facing up to 20 years in prison for having used a weapon. The cross examination of the responding Border Patrol Agents was the reason the jury gave for the acquittal on the aggravated assault. Alas the client was present illegally and admitted to that misdemeanor, receiving a misdemeanor conviction.

State of New Mexico v. Guerrero

Client was arrested and charged with stalking and criminal sexual penetration (rape). The case was investigated and set for trial. Part of the investigation revealed statements the complaining witness did not presumably want to be impeached with. The State Nolle’d the case one month before trial on all felony and misdemeanor counts. The client left the state a free man.

Federal Charges Dismissed
United States v. Walling

Client was charged with threatening the United States Secretary of State. The matter was litigated pretrial informally and resolved with a dismissal of federal charges and a plea to a State misdemeanor.

Probation on Possession of Child Pornography
United States v. Garcia

client was arrested after a multi-month investigation by the United States. Two psychological evaluations and other mitigation evidence was used to obtain a sentence of federal probation- no imprisonment. Well below the United States Sentencing Guidelines suggested guideline of 60 months imprisonment.

State of Texas v. Bywater

Client arrested and charged with sexual assault of a child and other matching charges. Family was split in two camps, believing and not believing him. Client held firm and case dismissed based on investigation facts shared with DA immediately prior to trial. Brave client.

State of Texas v. Naxx

Client was arrested and gave a statement admitting to sexual assault. DA wanted Texas Department of Criminal Justice sentence. Used polygraph to convince DA that the complaining witness was embellishing testimony. Client received probation based on passing polygraph on conduct.

Plaintiff verdict
Indel v. Dodson

client had a failed sale of an aircraft. The defendant buyer squatted on the title. We sued for a declaratory action and other claims. Defendant countersued and tried to buffalo the Plaintiff into settling in their favor. Case tried to a verdict for Plaintiff. Plaintiff awarded very favorable verdict and also based on litigation issues attorney fees as well.

Plaintiff verdict
AV8RC v. Welch

plaintiff sued for breach of contract in failure to pay for work done on an aircraft. Plaintiff verdict for exact amount of claim and awarded attorney fees.