Most humble lawyer Iʼve ever met

Mr. Benjamin was recommended to my family after a domestic violence case was made. He always answered calls and questions in a quick courteous manner; even after office hours. He allowed us to make payments to his law firm every month which we are so greatful for because then the case would have probably been handed to a public defender. Although because of some legal issues my family member did spend some time in jail (unrelated to the case) Mr Benjamin assured us he would not have a felony on his record & in less than 6 months we can finally put this nightmare behind us; with no record at all. When we hired Mr Benjamin he quickly got his team working; they went and got statements from everyone involved and witnesses. This really helped us because the pre-trail was almost a year later. We will forever be thankful for his services to our family & highly recommend him to anyone going through a criminal case.

Highly recommend

Our entire family is very grateful and appreciated Mr. Benjamin's hard work and dedication. No matter what time of the day Mr. Benjamin never failed to answer our concerns and emails. We will forever be indebted with him for all the attention he gave to my brother's case. God bless him and his family always!

Mr. Benjamin is an expert lawyer

He knows and understands the law and the court system. Beyond that, he understands his client. He goes above and beyond to be there for the client and the family. He will visit his clients, quickly responds to calls, emails, text messages and works tirelessly. You don't just want a great attorney, you want someone who actually cares! He's the one to hire! Our family is indebted for his help and received a favorable outcome.

Caring Attorney who gets results

Mr. Benjamin took my case in an aviation accident, even though I was about to deploy and be stationed out of the country for over 8 months. During that time he advocated effectively on my behalf, resulting in the FAA closing their case with no action or discipline against me. He also took my case completely pro-bono. I was referred to him by the AOPA and I am incredibly grateful for his expert assistance. I had consulted with another lawyer prior to Mr. Benjamin, which was a terrible mistake and I had to terminate the previous relationship. Mr. Benjamin showed incredible patience, persistence, and advocacy on my behalf where others had failed. Thank you Mr. Benjamin!!!

Diligent and Thoughtful Attorney

I hired Mr. Benjamin for legal representation regarding legal troubles I got into while working in a correctional setting. Mr. Benjamin did not see me as another case#. He kept me updated throughout every step and fought hard for me. As a result, I am not incarcerated and he got me the best outcome I could have hoped for. Let me also explain my case took place in Texas and I am from and live on the East Coast. Mr. Benjamin never made promises, however, he worked things out for my best interest. For example, I was told I would have had to go to Texas for court at least three or four times. However, Mr. Benjamin worked it out where several hearings were conducted during the same court appearance and second time I appeared in court was for my sentencing. As a result I only had to go to Texas twice. If you want an attorney who will fight for you, see you as an individual and who is extremely knowledgeable then Mr. Benjamin is your choice.

Great Lawyer!!

Mr. Benjamin helped me out in a great time of need. Going thru felony charges is scary but I always thought that Mr. Benjamin would pull me out of this mess. He was always professional, honest, and considerate. He always personally returned my phone calls. In the end we got a positive outcome and I was very happy with his work. Thank you, sir. You got me out of the biggest mess of my life. I strongly recommend Mr. Benjamin.

A Smart, Thoughtful & Very Caring Attorney

Mr. Benjamin provided extremely diligent and thoughtful legal representation and personal guidance in a sensitive police investigation. The result was more favorable that I could have imagined. If you are unfortunate enough to require the services of a criminal attorney, you will be very well represented by Mr. Benjamin. I recommend him very highly and with no reservation whatsoever.

Criminal Defense advice session

I've just spoken with Brock Benjamin regarding a very serious and complex case, and he was exceptionally attentive to the details of my case and very blunt and honest in his advice. He has given me a realistic idea of what the probable outcome of my case will be, as well as advising me of the most direct steps I should take to ensure the most favorable outcome. His advice has given me some direction in regards to how I should proceed with this case, and I now feel more capable of being proactive in laying a line of defenses against the injustice I have been faced with. I would also like to add that it is the middle of the night and Mr. Benjamin patiently spoke with me for 24 minutes rather than 15 in order to ensure that all of my questions were answered to my satisfaction.

Criminal Defense advice session

I like this lawyer's "tell it like it is" honesty and confidence (obviously from experience) in knowing the answers to my question. I feel much better about knowing what to do with my situation, and I'm glad I made the call. Many thanks!

Went above and beyond in my case.

Out of several lawyers my mother reached out to Brock was the only one to respond, he immediately went to work on my case and even though I continued to rack up charges he continued to fight for me and get me the best resolution possible. He got me out of jail numerous times, and he made sure that I was well informed of the case and had no confusion or doubts. He was professional and prompt at all times, and I never doubted that he was going the extra mile for my defense. Even though at times i frustrated him and made him crazy, he never stopped giving his all on my behalf. I strongly recommend him to everybody that is unsure of their legal situation, and I cannot imagine there is a better attorney in this city.

Top notch defender

Brock did an amazing job researching for my case. He brought in every aid and asset available he went the second and third mile in every instance. I'm very glad I was referred to him by a knowledgeable friend. Thank you Brock you did a great job.

Criminal Defense advice session

Direct, to the point advice. Just what you need when you are even thinking about hiring a lawyer. Well worth the $39.

One of the best of the best

I was being investigated by the FBI. I contacted Mr. Benjamin and we discussed my situation. He immediately contacted the FBI and was able to give us time to present the facts of the situation to them. Because he was so proactive in his representation, the case was cleared and dropped by the federal authorities. He keep me updated at all times and was always available to answer any questions that I had of him. His staff was always polite and helpful. Brock is an excellent and competent attorney that will do his absolute best for his client.

Great Lawyer

Mr. Benjamin helped my brother with an order of protection case. He was there when we needed to talk & made us feel really good about our decision to hire him. He always got back to us in a reasonable time. He was able to have my brothers order of protection dismissed! Thank you Mr. Benjamin you made our whole family feel at ease. I will definitely recommend you anyone I know.