Diligent and Thoughtful Attorney

I hired Mr. Benjamin for legal representation regarding legal troubles I got into while working in a correctional setting. Mr. Benjamin did not see me as another case#. He kept me updated throughout every step and fought hard for me. As a result, I am not incarcerated and he got me the best outcome I could have hoped for. Let me also explain my case took place in Texas and I am from and live on the East Coast. Mr. Benjamin never made promises, however, he worked things out for my best interest. For example, I was told I would have had to go to Texas for court at least three or four times. However, Mr. Benjamin worked it out where several hearings were conducted during the same court appearance and second time I appeared in court was for my sentencing. As a result I only had to go to Texas twice. If you want an attorney who will fight for you, see you as an individual and who is extremely knowledgeable then Mr. Benjamin is your choice.